Swap Slots

There may be times when an assigned slot is inconvenient, or perhaps the slot size is too small for a product. In this case, you can use the convenient Swap Slots feature during the sorting process. This feature lets you seamlessly move the first product of an order to another slot of your choice.

If you have one or more products already sorted in a slot, you cannot use the Swap Slots feature.
  1. Scan the product you would like to sort. Skublox will automatically assign a slot for your product.
    Do not scan the original slot’s barcode to confirm the sorting of the product.
  2. Tap the slot’s barcode.
  3. In the new window, scan the barcode of the slot of your choice. The system will turn off the original slot light.
  4. Put the product in the new slot, and scan its barcode.

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