Skublox Terms and Definitions

The Skublox Help contains a number of terms that are unique to Skublox. See the definitions in the table below to familiarize yourself with this terminology.


12V Repeater

Device that supplies additional 12V power to the Skublox system.

Also known as a Power Injector.


An alternative reference for a given product.

Adding an Alias to a product makes it easier to find it in the system and in the warehouse.


PC running Microsoft Windows and the Skublox Hub Application (provided by Skublox).

Hub Device

Device that plugs into the Controller via USB with a standalone power supply. It’s controlled by the Skublox Hub Application.


List consisting of the items for orders.

Learn more about picklists.

Scanner Ring

Wearable barcode scanner that allows for greater mobility when scanning and sorting orders.

Shadow SKU

A type of virtual product that “shadows” another product. Its inventory is linked to an actual inventory SKU, but it can have its own alternate product profile.

A Shadow SKU can have a Product ID, description, image, and title that is different from the Parent SKU.


A person who works on the shipping side of the Skublox Wall.

Shipper Light

A small ethernet-cable-connected device that lights up in green to signal that the order is ready to be shipped.


 Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is the unique product code assigned to a product. SKUs are used as the primary product identifier.

Typically, merchants create their own code as the product SKU.

Skublox Hub Application

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) application that is installed on the Controller.

Skublox Wall

A collection of Slots, and respectively, pairs of Sorter and Shipper Lights.


Compartment for sorting product units.


A person who works on the sorting side of the Skublox Wall.

Sorter Light

A small ethernet-cable-connected device that lights up in a specific color to signal status.

A Sorter Light can light up in Red, BlueYellow, Green, Magenta, and Cyan.


Universal Product Code (UPC) is a type of code printed on the retail product packaging to help identify a particular item.


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