Setting Up the Skublox Hub App

The Skublox Hub App helps you manage your sorting walls and see the “big picture” of your whole sorting process. The app is installed on the Skublox Controller PC, and in most cases, you can simply update it to get the latest version.

Downloading and installing the Skublox Hub App

  1. Download the Skublox Hub App from the following link.
  2. On your Controller PC, find the folder with that file.
  3. Right-click the downloaded ZIP file > Extract All.
  4. Click Extract. You will be redirected to another folder.
  5. Run the Skublox.Hub.Installer-FirstTime-Admin.exe file.
  6. Select Install. (The Start Skublox with Windows box is checked by default. Uncheck if needed.)Button to Install Skublox Hub Application
  7. Wait for the installation to complete. The Skublox Hub App will start automatically.

Installing the Skublox Hub device drivers

If the Skublox Hub device drivers are not installed, the message below appears after running the Skublox.Hub.Installer-FirstTime-Admin.exe file:

  1. Click OK.
  2. Click Install.
  3. After the installation is completed, click OK.

Logging into the Skublox Hub App

After successfully installing the Skublox Hub App, follow these steps to log in and configure your first sorting wall:

  1. Enter your TeamEmail, and Password > Next.skublox hub application log in
  2. You can quickly EditDelete, or Add a wall after the initial login. Or, click Cancel and add your wall later in the Settings tab.skublox hub application add new wall

Updating the Skublox Hub App

  1. In the Skublox Hub App, click Check for Update.skublox check for update
  2. Select Download Now.
  3. Choose a folder to download the ZIP file. After the download completes, a folder with the extracted files will automatically open.
  4. Run the Skublox.Hub.Installer-Update-CurrentUser file.skublox hub application installer file
  5. Click Run to start the update.

Restarting the Skublox Hub App

You may have to restart the Skublox Hub App periodically; typically, whenever you connect new slots to an existing wall. This restart lets the system identify the new slots and display them on your application. 

  1. Click Restart.skublox hub application restart
  2. The application will restart and all slots will appear.

Viewing the cabling guides

The Skublox Hub App also lets you see your cabling guides if desired:

  1. Select the box to show or hide your cabling guides.
    sellercloud skublox cabling guides


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