Order Sorting Workflow

Understanding order sorting workflows

  • Put-to-Light – With the Skublox mobile app, you can perform the Put-to-Light process for order sorting. You must choose an order sorting workflow every time you add a new wall. You can do this when you log in for the first time in Skublox Hub Application or through the Settings tab. 
  • Pick-to-Light – The Skustack mobile app performs Pick-to-Light order sorting. Using this for order sorting requires a Skustack Enterprise plan. To learn more about picking orders, take a look at this article.

To choose a workflow in Skublox:

  1. Add a new wall when you log in for the first time. Or, access an existing wall and follow these instructions.
  2. Choose a sorting workflow as shown below. Note that you cannot edit this setting later.Choosing sorting workflow


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