Log into the Skublox Mobile App

Accessing the Skublox mobile app

Need the Skublox app?

For Android devices – Download our mobile app. To use a regular smartphone for sorting, you will also need to connect a Scanner ring via Bluetooth.
For iOS devices – Access the app from this browser link.

Skublox is all about improving the sorting process! You can sort orders using a mobile terminal or a regular smartphone and scanner ring.

Before you start sorting, simply log in and get assigned a unique color on the sorting wall.  There are two ways to log in:

Logging in with credentials

  1. Enter your Team name > Submit.Field for team name
  2. Enter your Username and Password > Sign in.Fields for username and password

Logging in with a QR code

Some scanner rings do not read QR codes (2D codes), so be sure that your scanner rings support this function! If not, here’s where to buy a Scanner Ring.
  1. Click Log in with a QR code.Button Log in with QR code
  2. Only required for iOS devices: Click Allow to access your camera. Button Allow access to camera
  3. Point your phone towards the QR code to scan it.


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